Data Partners

 InfoSum partners with leading data providers to make their rich insights available for global brands to better understand their customers.

Build a complete picture of your customers by tapping into enrichment sources that increase scale and unlock deeper customer insights.

InfoSum empowers you to safely and securely access second- and third-party data sources to better understand your customers. While InfoSum doesn’t own or hold any data of our own, we partner with leading data companies who make their rich insights available to our customers. Our decentralized approach ensures you’re able to overlay insights from these data providers, without having to share any customer data. Our priority is protecting the privacy of your customers, and the commercial value of your data.


Interested in becoming a data partner?

Making your data available for companies to use as part of their customer intelligence, not only unlocks new revenue opportunities, but also protects the commercial value of your data. Get in touch for more information.