OMR Festival

May 17th & 18th 2022

Dennie Trost
Director Sales CE

Why is nobody dancing? - How Marketers Should Prepare for the First Party Data Future

Wednesday, May 18, 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM CEST

The future is already here. Nothing stands in the way of a "Cookieless Era" - only the companies themselves. Everything necessary is available. Nevertheless, most companies are not moving in tune with the music that is getting louder: the essential industry developments. But the new, better models will only work if as many as possible listen to the same music. As an immensely important part of future strategy, surely this should be a focus for everyone? InfoSum talks with experts from publisher, advertiser and agency side about learnings from the collaboration to date, the status quo, and what the industry must do now in order to better shape the market and meet the requirements of all stakeholders.

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