MAD//Fest 2022

5th-7th July 2022

Kate Blaxill
Enterprise Sales Director
Max Toulliou
VP, Customer Success

Delivering measurement in the privacy-first world

Wednesday, July 6th, 12:40pm BST

Measuring campaign effectiveness has been a challenge for brands and media owners since the dawn of digital advertising. As we enter a post-cookie world, further challenges will emerge including executing alternative measurement techniques that don't rely on data collected via third-party user tracking, yet still accurately measure campaign ROI.

InfoSum’s Enterprise Sales Director Kate Blaxill and Customer Success Director Max Toulliou discuss how Data Clean Rooms are delivering incrementality measurement in a post-cookie, privacy-first world. Kate and Max will demonstrate how companies are already utilising incrementality to measure campaign effectiveness, including a recent campaign between Channel 4 and Deliveroo. 

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