DDMA Morning Update

June 1st, 2023

Daan Onland
Director of Sales Benelux & Nordics

Data Collaboration: Balancing Performance and Privacy using a Data Clean Room

Increasing consumer awareness, the deprecation of third-party cookies and privacy regulations are only three of the many challenges that data-driven marketers face in a challenging economic climate.With this, the industry is evolving, and new technologies and terms have surfaced, such as data clean rooms and data collaboration platforms. But the solutions in the market are not all equal, nor will they all be fit for purpose.In this session, InfoSum’s Director of Sales, Daan Onland, dives into the importance of data collaboration, the principles, and underlying Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) that form the core components of a secure data clean room, as well as touch on the different types of clean rooms that are available.Based on several important use cases, marketers will be able to learn how they can unlock value today via a clean room. These use cases include gaining deep insights about your core customers and prospects, easily matching data-sets to identify the most relevant and impactful audiences, quickly activating audiences across direct and programmatic partners, and measuring true incrementality and verifying audience performance.You will discover how you can achieve business goals via collaboration, without compromising the privacy of your customers or putting the security of your data at risk.

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