Advertising Week New York

October 17th - 20th 2022


Moving beyond the hype: How Data Clean Rooms are powering media today

Monday, October 17, 2022 2:10-2:35pm ET

Today, global organizations successfully use clean room technology to power rich data-driven experiences without limits or risk. Join InfoSum’s Chairman and CEO Brian Lesser and advertising industry expert Joanna O’Connell as they discuss the future of data clean rooms, why privacy is good for business, and smart strategies organizations can implement today to maximize the value of their data.

During the fireside chat, Joanna and Brian will discuss:

  • Why the phaseout of cookies is just a piece of the puzzle
  • Clean rooms 101: their use cases and adoption across the ecosystem
  • Creating a solution to measurement and data privacy through multi-party collaboration
Brian Lesser
Chairman & CEO
Joanna O’Connell
Research Analyst
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InfoSummers at Advertising Week NYC 2022

Lauren Wetzel
Chief Operating Officer
Jared Hand
SVP, Sales North America
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VP, Sales
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VP, Product Marketing
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Director, Business Development
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GM, Identity and Data
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Technical Implementation Consultant