Experian Match

InfoSum powers Experian’s Match identity solution. Experian Match provides UK publishers with addressability at scale, without relying on third-party cookies or requiring a logged-in audience.

Through Experian Match, advertisers are able to safely and securely match their first-party customer data against publishers addressable audiences, without any personal data being shared between companies.

Experian Match solutions

Data Onboarding

Data Onboarding

Advertisers are able to safely and securely match their first-party customer data against publishers addressable audiences, without any personal data being shared between companies.

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Data Enrichment

Publishers can increase the value of their audience data by enriching it with Experian data, enabling greater audience definition and more pinpoint targeting for advertising clients.

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Build data co-ops


Publishers can offer advertisers privacy-safe retargeting functionality by enabling advertisers to target individuals who have previously engaged with their products.


Benefits of Experian Match

Protect ad revenue

Experian Match enables publishers to future proof their ad revenues from the impact of third-party cookie deprecation, caused by privacy changes at a browser level.

Addressable Scale

Building a scaled audience based on registration data takes considerable time. Experian Match augments a publisher’s addressable audience to deliver greater scale of identity NOW.


Experian Match offers incredible speed-to-market by removing many of the privacy, legal and trust barriers that slow down getting data onboarding agreements signed.


A decentralised identity infrastructure ensures no data is transferred between advertisers and publishers, with consumer privacy further protected through differential privacy techniques.

What is Experian Match?

The Match solution, provided by Experian and powered by InfoSum, offers a scale of addressability currently missing from the advertising ecosystem. In collaboration with the UK’s leading media owners, Experian has built a powerful first-party ID to virtual household mapping that can be used to resolve identity at a device cohort level.

InfoSum’s privacy-first identity infrastructure enables publishers to match advertiser audiences to Experian Match without having to share any personal data with the publisher. This enables publishers to onboard and activate audiences at a greater scale than can be achieved through login data alone.

What is Experian Match?

IP to Household

Rather than relying on authenticated data or cookie data to match identities, Experian Match resolves identity at a cohort level, i.e. devices associated with a particular IP address.

A number of UK based media owners have worked with Experian to create a first-party ID to virtual household mapping file. This mapping file is held in its own independent Bunker. Publishers and advertisers can use this Bunker to bridge the identity gap that exists between their two datasets - without having to share any data.

IP to Household


Experian Match is powered by InfoSum’s identity infrastructure. Built on decentralised technology, InfoSum provides a privacy-first way of connecting first-party data sets without sharing personal data.

Each company’s data remains in their control in a standalone Bunker.

InfoSum enables audiences to be matched using Experian’s IP to Household mapping, without requiring data shared or centralised.



Is Experian Match deterministic or probabilistic?

Experian Match is a probabilistic identity solution. Identity resolution is achieved at a cohort level (devices grouped through residential IP address association)

Is Experian Match fingerprinting?

No. Fingerprinting uses opaque methods to match individuals based on specific and unique configurations such as their browser setup. Experian Match is strictly powered by IP address and first-party IDs.

How does this compare to the Universal ID solutions?

Experian Match complements Universal ID solutions by providing greater scale than can currently be achieved through login solutions alone.

Ready to get started with Experian Match?

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