European Connected TV

Achieve more effective people-based marketing across video on demand services by enabling advertisers to match their first-party customer data against addressable audiences from Europe's top broadcasters.


Streamlined privacy, security and legal reviews unlocks the ability to deliver timely connected TV advertising campaigns.


Instantly and accurately measure the match rate that can be achieved across each connected TV addressable audience.


Achieve higher match rates through one-to-one deterministic matching on either a single identifier or combination of identifiers.

Deeper Targeting

Unlock unparalleled targeting with direct matching of advertiser first-party data to broadcaster addressable audiences.

First-party data activation

Enable advertisers to match first-party data against authenticated addressable audiences from top European broadcasters without having to share any personal data.

InfoSum’s identity infrastructure utilises one-to-one deterministic match on either a single identifier or combination of identifiers to ensure the optimum match rate is always achieved.

Match rates are instantly available, ensuring transparency of the potential reach of your connected TV campaign. An audience segment can then be easily created based on your chosen demographic and behavioural attributes and sent for activation. Importantly, activation does not require you to share any personal data.

Federated Architecture
Federated Architecture

Accurately measure effectiveness

By activating directly against the European Connected TV ecosystem, measuring the effectiveness of individual campaigns becomes simple and transparent.

The European Connected TV ecosystem is based on authenticated addressable audiences. This enables InfoSum’s identity infrastructure to instantly match individuals who have been exposed to an advert through a connected TV campaign, to individuals who have purchased from the advertisers over a specified time period.

This allows advertisers to transparently determine what percentage of new customers can be attributed to a particular advertising campaign. Additionally, it empowers broadcasters to accurately promote the effectiveness of their addressable audience.

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