News Corp Australia partners with InfoSum to deliver market leading data collaboration

News Corp Australia partners with InfoSum to deliver market leading data collaboration
Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Sydney, 21 March 2023: News Corp Australia has today been announced as the first Australian publisher to collaborate with InfoSum to expand its first-party data collaboration capabilities. Using InfoSum’s decentralised data collaboration platform and secure bunker technology, advertisers can match their first-party data against News Corp Australia’s significant addressable digital audience. This relationship will empower advertisers to plan and deliver data-driven marketing campaigns while prioritising consumer privacy and data integrity.

InfoSum powers first-party data collaboration using its patented non-movement of data technology and privacy-preserving data collaboration platform to create the most connected, and most accessible data collaboration network of clean rooms, with complete end-to-end protection.      

Pippa Leary, Managing Director of Client Product at News Corp Australia, commented:

“We are delighted to be working with InfoSum to support our data collaboration requirements at scale in a privacy-compliant way. We are confident that our relationship will enable our advertisers to collaborate across their first-party data to build customised audiences, while putting the consumer privacy and data integrity of each party at the forefront.”

Richard Knott, General Manager, Australia & New Zealand, InfoSum, said:

“Regulatory and technology changes, combined with increased consumer awareness is changing the way organisations work together. Privacy-enhancing technologies such as data clean rooms are proving to be the solution that allows organizations to collaborate across first-party data sets without risk or limit. We’re thrilled that News Corp Australia will set a new standard in Australia on how to work directly with advertisers to deliver richer data-driven experiences with privacy and protection.”

Global companies who rely on InfoSum include Disney, Experian, Omnicom, Tripadvisor, ITV, CNN, Channel 4, Boots and The Trade Desk.

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