Delivering high-performing marketing across connected TV

Delivering high-performing marketing across connected TV
Lucas Pickett
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The proliferation of devices and advances in technology has led to the rapid adoption of connected TV (CTV) by consumers. For advertisers looking to deliver relevant and timely omnichannel marketing, CTV should be an essential part of their marketing strategy. 

Today we have released our guide to delivering high-performing marketing across connected TV. Download now, or read on to learn more about the opportunity connected TV presents advertisers.  

What is connected TV? 

CTV refers to any device that is connected to the internet through which a consumer can stream video content. The most common examples of these are Smart TVs, gaming consoles such as an Xbox or Playstation or devices offered by the likes of Roku, Amazon or Apple. 

The rise of CTV among consumers to date has been impressive, gaining ever more ground on traditional TV as a primary source to view video content. Research suggests that 80% of TV households in the US now have at least one CTV device, and 64% have three or more devices. Advertisers have realised the importance of CTV as a channel and the opportunity it presents to reach audiences in a premium environment, choosing to invest an increasing amount of their ad budgets in CTV.

In addition to consumers spending an increasing amount of time on CTV, it’s of little wonder why CTV is winning more ad spend - when compared to its traditional counterpart, CTV offers greater transparency, flexibility and accuracy when it comes to targeting and campaign measurement. 

Delivering high-performing CTV campaigns through data collaboration

Broadcasters have recognised that this a permanent change in the way consumers view video content and stream TV programmes, evident through the large investments they are making into creating their own content streaming services. 

For the majority of these streaming services, access is dependent upon the user registering/logging in using an email address. This has enabled broadcasters and media companies to build up impressive volumes of authenticated audiences. This has proven highly attractive to advertisers keen to leverage their own first-party data to deliver high-performing marketing across CTV.

By utilising privacy-safe data collaboration methods, brands can now seamlessly match their first-party data against a broadcaster’s authenticated audience to power valuable people-based marketing and enable effective campaign measurement.

Two of the UK’s largest broadcasters have already adopted this approach to great effect. Underpinned by InfoSum’s decentralised marketing infrastructure, ITV and Channel 4 have made their vast authenticated audiences available for brands to match first-party data against. Through privacy-first collaboration, the privacy of customers and the commercial value of data is protected during the partnership, while unlocking powerful marketing opportunities

Ready to deliver effective marketing and accurate campaign measurement across CTV? Read our step-by-step guide to high-performing marketing on CTV:

Connected TV Guide
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