Breaking down Google’s Chrome announcement

Breaking down Google’s Chrome announcement
Ben Cicchetti
Friday, May 10, 2019

After much speculation, this week Google finally gave the ad tech ecosystem their first look at their approach to tracking prevention, and to what extent they will block the third-party cookies that underpin programmatic advertising.

During the first day of Google I/O, it was announced that a number of new privacy features will be introduced to Chrome designed to increase transparency and controls for end users. As it relates to third-party cookies specifically, Google stated:

“Chrome intends to make it easier for users to block or clear cookies used in a third-party context”

While this doesn’t quite go the lengths of Apple’s ITP or Mozilla’s ETP, which both block third-party cookies by default, it places the power of choice in the consumer's hands. It will be interesting to see the take-up of these features by Chrome users, however, it is likely that given the choice, a large majority will indeed go for the safest option, which would be to opt-out of being tracked across sites.

With 68% of the browser market, it seems Google may be on the verge of dealing the final deathblow to third-party cookies. But what impact will this have on an ad tech industry build on this technology, and what solutions exist?

I sat down with our VP Sales Stuart Colman to discuss.

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