Clear Channel

The combined power of first-party data and out of home media

The InfoSum Secure Data Clean Room enables deep consumer insights using powerful privacy-first data collaboration without risk of data exposure, leakage, or misuse. Organizations can safely connect internal data silos to unlock single customer view or connect to a network of partners to amplify first-party data performance across planning, activation, and measurement use cases.

How it Works


Securely connect proprietary first-party data assets to premium media owners to maximize campaign performance.


Retain complete control and transparency over how first-party data is connected, analyzed, and leveraged.

Reach & Scale

Extend addressable reach and scale of targeting strategies without reliance on perishable IDs or data exposure, leakage or misuse risk.

True Omnichannel

Easily identify and activate relevant consumer profiles across offline and online channels.

First-Party Data Matching

Quickly onboard and match first-party data against multiple datasets - without sharing or moving data. Understand the overlap, match rate, or even exclude specific segments--all within seconds.

Audience Enrichment

Uncover deep insights about your core customers with direct connectivity to CCO 4500+ audience segments across 130M Americans reached weekly.

Audience Planning

InfoSum directly matches advertiser data and CCO OOH inventory through RADARView, CCO’s proprietary audience planning solution, to identify the most relevant and impactful OOH displays to reach your target audience.

Audience Activation

Quickly activate audiences across 70K+ roadside and airport displays in 65+ US Markets. Tailor hyper-local experiences based on foot traffic, consumer behavior, or geospatial signals/inputs to achieve greater reach, relevancy, and performance.

Advanced Analytics

Providing granular insight across first-party, second-party, and audience profiles to help marketers measure true incrementality and verify audience performance. InfoSum provides an easy-to-use query tool and a powerful query library for fast analysis and modeling across unlimited data sets.

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