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Connect data without moving it

InfoSum Quantum connects and analyses spatially separated and disparate datasets without any exchange of raw data occurring.

Creating a trusted environment

InfoSum Quantum irreversibly anonymises data and creates a mathematical model that enables isolated datasets to be statistically compared. Identities are matched at an individual level and results are collated at an aggregate level - without bringing the datasets together.

Quantum's unique approach to data collaboration

Flexible integration to support multiple formats

Visual, web-based tools simplify the integration process without relying on data science teams. Most applications can be supported through industry standard files. Direct imports can be made from popular databases such as MySQL and common formats such as CSV files.

Tens of millions of rows can be updated within minutes, providing a secure environment for analysis.

Automatic data normalization

InfoSum's technology overcomes variations in data formats without any need to change their source data.

A full-featured secure web-based UI views the imported data and applies translations to ensure a common format. InfoSum Quantum’s unique global schema dictionary supports more than 100 standard categories, and is infinitely extensible to match custom needs.

Datasets are translated to the same ‘format’ so they can be directly compared. The normalization process automatically transforms each dataset into our defined standard for data categories.

When datasets differ in their approach, the normalization process finds the best common ground: for example, an individual's age can be represented by their data of birth, an exact number of years, or by a selection of age band.

A powerful custom scripting language helps extract information locked up in proprietary data formats.

InfoSum Quantum's advanced AI maps identities across datasets and picks the highest quality match.

Auto normalization

Multiple age representations

Maximising connections through advanced identity matching

InfoSum Quantum matches records using identifying data such as postal addresses, mobile numbers, loyalty IDs or social media handles. This identifying data is irreversibly anonymised and the original data deleted, then the anonymised record can be compared to other datasets containing the same information.

Advanced identity algorithms automatically resolve ambiguities in the original data, combining diverse information to pinpoint specific individuals, and determining the optimal combination of identifying information to statistically connect disparate datasets.