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Data Security

Eliminate security risks with decentralised technology.

Data pooling risks

Centralising data in a single location diminishes control and makes it vulnerable to a security breach.

With InfoSum's decentralised approach, data is never pooled in a common location. Each set of data is isolated and encrypted, with powerful protocols alleviating the risk of breach. Data is anonymised at source, and insights are only shared in aggregated form.

Data moving risks

Old approaches rely on moving data, which poses security risks both during and after transfer.

With InfoSum Quantum, you stay in control of your data at all times. Your data is processed at source in your own isolated environment, which it never leaves. This eliminates the risks around losing authority or suffering an actual data loss.

Data sharing risks

Sharing raw datasets creates multiple legal and privacy challenges.

With InfoSum's patent-pending mathematical algorithms, no raw data is ever shared with other parties.  Technological controls ensure that anonymised data can only be used to generate aggregated reports. InfoSum does not act as a data processor, only as a technology provider.

Isolated data hosting via AWS containers

Each customer's data is held in a secure decentralised network of AWS containers, known as Bunkers.

Each Bunker is private to the specific customer and dataset, maintaining data isolation and helping ensure regulatory compliance.

Each Bunker is on a dedicated isolated subnet within a private Virtual Private Cloud, and all communications with the Bunker are protected by TLS 1.2 (HTTPS). Rigorous firewalling further restricts the network traffic entering or leaving a Bunker.