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Data Protection

Unlock value from data while respecting consumer privacy.

Our technology was built to solve the challenges around data collaboration. Using isolated containers and robust encryption protocols, InfoSum ensures that your customers’ personal data is never exposed to any third party and always remains under your control.

Data privacy

Data anonymisation

  • Consumer data is anonymised before it is used for analysis.
  • Advanced anonymisation techniques make re-identification impossible.
  • Identities are joined by one-time and probabilistic representations.

Data aggregation and redaction

  • Results are only given in aggregate form.
  • Minimum bin sizes can be configured by the user to ensure the appropriate level of protection for each data set.
  • Aggregate results are protected by a range of noise techniques.

Protecting data subjects

  • Anonymisation of data coupled with aggregate results ensure that re-identification of individuals cannot take place.
  • Data subjects are never profiled at an individual level instead aggregate results provide insights into groups.
  • All information on data subjects is securely deleted at the end of each project.

Compliant collaboration

  • No data is ever shared with third parties.
  • InfoSum only requires a limited data processing role.
  • No data processing relationship is required between collaborating parties.

GDPR compliant profiling

Sharing insights, not data protects consumer privacy.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on 25 May, 2018, replacing the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. The new regulation is designed to make data privacy laws consistent across Europe. It promotes and protects consumer data privacy more than ever in the past.


No personal data profiled. 


Data processed in isolation.


Ownership and access retained.


Privacy by design platform.

GDPR changes and InfoSum's solutions

GDPR change

Increased obligations on data controllers require documenting all data processing.

InfoSum solution

One agreement with InfoSum covers all projects as collaborators do not process each others’ data.

GDPR change

Consent to data processing can be withdrawn by consumers at any time.

InfoSum solution

A customer record can be easily excluded by the data controller.

GDPR change

Additional rights for consumers such as data rectification.

InfoSum solution

Once anonymised, the data is no longer PII and therefore excluded from such requirements.

GDPR change

Substantial fines for data breaches.

InfoSum solution

Each parties’ data is isolated and encrypted with powerful protocols alleviating risk of breach.