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Facilitate more informed campaign planning and achieve a level of targeting previously only possible through the tech giants, by safely connecting with strategic partners to aggregate customer knowledge across numerous channels.


Audience optimization

Improve performance of campaigns through direct analysis of the brand's customer data and buyer personas to inform lookalike modeling.

This direct relationship helps to optimize targeting and content allocations to maximize impressions and achieve high-level of ad engagement.

Quantify campaign impact

Increase visibility across the advertising ecosystem to understand the impact of marketing campaigns, and use those insights to optimize future performance.

This joined-up approach will ensure ROI is accurately and transparently measured, and marketing spend is maximized.

Consolidate customer behavior

Bring together multiple datasets to create a more complete understanding of your available audience, including demographic and lifestyle data, as well as viewing habits and content preferences.

This enables you to work with advertisers and their agencies to select optimal media placement.

Validate strategic partnerships

In a privacy-safe environment, analyze the strategic fit of potential partnerships and sponsorships by comparing the crossover in the audiences.

Transparently enabling both parties to determine the potential incrementality that could be achieved through promotional offers and content sharing.

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