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Marketing Insights

Powering insight through collaboration.

By connecting with like minded companies, marketeers can double the impact of their data by profiling customers better, validating the benefits of a partner relationship or understanding the knowledge of joint users.

Presented simply and easily

An instant view of the customer overlap is available once both parties have prepared their data.  This immediately notifies you of the intersection size and joint data fields giving you an initial undesrtanding of the combined value.

Full reports can be created within minutes, as pre-defined report selections and chart formats extract the key information you need to answer the questions that matter to your business.

Report interfaces have been built with flexibility and simplicity in mind. Marketeers, as well as data scientists, can explore the data and insights.

Secure and compliant data collaboration for retailers

Understand more about your existing customers by adding new information from a second party dataset, which has some of the same customers.


Achieve richer profiling from second or third party datasets. Add demographic, lifestyle or purchasing data.

Media effectiveness

Look at campaign responders to establish whether they were new or existing customers.

Data quality audit

Evaluate whether your data is up to date and accurate by comparing with a better quality source.

Strategic partnerships

Understand the profile of the existing customer overlap with commercial partners.

Acquire new customers for yourself

Focus on finding new customers by targeting those with similar characteristics of your existing customers. Use joint users to identify what they look like in the contributors dataset.

Acquisition campaigns

Target users of the second party who show similar attributes to the joint users.


Select audiences on the basis of the new attributes of your customers highlighted by the contributor.

Validate media spend

Compare acquired customers versus full targeted audience to understand who the campaign appealed too.

Promote the other party to your customers

Make relevant offers to your customers by promoting brands that would be of interest to them. Use the intersection of customers to discover characteristics that help you identify who and how many more of your customers would be interested in their proposition.

Joint promotions

Ensure campaigns are relevant to the right audience within your customer base.

Supplier selection

Select products to stock based on your customers' preferences, as they may be buying these elsewhere.

Franchise operations and brand houses

Encourage cross promotion. Target the right individuals in your existing base to trial an affiliate product or service.

Find unique customers

Build a combined picture of the disperate users of the two datasets by excluding overlap of joint users.


Work with others in your industry to understand more about how your users differ or not.

Cross selling

Understand what attributes your non-users share so you can encourage greater levels of joint usage.

Acquiring new customer types

Avoid cannibalisation by targeting attributes of the other party which are different to your own.