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M&A Insights

Quantifying the value of customer data through trusted processing.

InfoSum Synergy allows buyers and sellers to gain an early understanding of the value of combined customer knowledge without sharing sensitive information. Companies can audit the quality and completeness of data, in a secure and compliant way.

Quick and easy reporting

InfoSum provides an instant view of the customer overlap once both parties have easily and quickly prepared their data. This immediately quantifies the size of the intersection and joint data fields giving a initial understanding of the combined value.

Full reports can be created within minutes as pre-defined report selections and chart formats extract the information needed to answer key questions.

Report interfaces have been built with flexibility and simplicity in mind. Technical data scientists are not needed to explore the data and joint insights.

Controlled access

InfoSum allows parties to decide who has access to the reports. It may be that both see the reports simultaneously or that one party retains rights to the combined insight. This can be configured at set up stage or later on.

Providing strategic insight into the combined asset


Quantify and profile existing users by pulling together information held by either party into combined learnings.

Enrich knowledge

Overlay data (e.g. demographic, lifestyle or purchasing) from third party datasets to enhance understanding of your mutual or exclusive customer base.


Understand the joint characteristics of the two datasets e.g. size, demographic similarities, interests.

Propensity modelling

Predict likely appeal and take up of new offerings and potential future intersections of the the two datasets.

Cross selling

Understand what attributes your non-users share so you can encourage greater levels of joint usage.

Data quality audit

Evaluate the quality of the sellers data by comparing it to your own or a third party dataset e.g. electoral roll.

Exploring different segments within the datasets

Understand joint customer personas

Explore the overlap between your datasets and the characteristics of those in the intersection. This helps you understand the synergies in the datasets.

Correlation to their users

Quantify lookalike customers by identifying those with similar characteristics of your existing dataset. Use joint users to establish how to find them in the partner dataset.

Correlation to your customers

Predict which members of your dataset are most likely to become members of the other parties' dataset by looking for those with shared characteristics as the joint users.

Find unique members

Build a combined picture of the disperate members of the two datasets by excluding overlap of joint users. This gives a picture of the total size of acquisition opportunity.