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Supporting the privacy-safe delivery of targeted advertising in a post-cookie environment.


With the introduction of tracking prevention across two of the three major internet browsers, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox, and Google taking steps to increase transparency and control over third-party cookies, the advertising ecosystem can no longer rely on the long-standing method of cross-site tracking and targeting third-party cookies provided.

As publishers ramp-up their efforts to move to provide frictionless logged-in experiences, InfoSum provide the only privacy-safe solution that doesn’t rely on a single-sign-on infrastructure, to enable brands and online publishers to deliver creative, targeted and personalised advertising without third-party cookies.

No SSO reliance

Our technology can match on any unique identifier, removing the need for single-sign-on.

Flexible ID

Utilize existing unique identifiers within your data to ensure you’re never tied to a single ‘global’ ID.

Known audience

Activate the full richness of a known audience powered by first-party data.

Differential privacy

Our use of differential privacy concepts ensure no individual can ever be identified.

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