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The advantages of the ‘sum of the parts’ is never more true than for healthcare research. Having a holistic view of patients' health lifestyle or comparing specialist datasets is key to furthering research.

Whilst consumers understand the benefits of health related research they also feel strongly about the need to understand how their personal data is being used and consent for primary use can be complex. Anonymised data has been used to respect customer privacy but rare combinations can lead to re-identification. Infosum's privacy by design solution excludes this possibility.

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Decentralised technology combined with anonymised data offers a way forward

Decentralised technology

Data is held in isolated containers and is never moved or merged. Access can be withdrawn at any time.

Anonymised data

Raw data is never exposed. Data is anonymised at source meaning no third parties have access to it or can re-encrypt.

Profiling consent

All research is conducted on an anonymous basis producing aggregated results. Consent is therefore compliant if profiling permission has been given.

Propensity modelling

Analysis is conducted at an individual level but produces aggregated results. This leads to more accurate propensity modelling.

Software as a Service

InfoSum doesn’t process retailer’s data, only provides technology platform.

Instant insights

Simple, fast and easy to use solution that opens up limitless profiling opportunities.

Healthcare use cases

Extend customer knowledge

  • Benefit from comparing data from different data points enabling a rounded understanding.
  • Include third party demographic datasets to provide lifestyle data to support clinical information.

Combine industry data

  • Enable GPs to share patient data across practices to help understand themes.
  • Analyse visits to A&E and establish which were preceded by a visit to a GP surgery.

Identify commercial opportunities

  • Compare public health data with commercially sourced data e.g. activity trackers.
  • Find relevant brands to develop joint promotions with or personalities to promote healthcare products.

Meet GDPR regulations

  • Allow healthcare research and development to take place without the need to get further consent from patients because the data is anonymised and aggregated.
  • Enable data controllers to remove or deny access to data at any point.

Industry data change

Centralising data and creating a single view has been an ongoing challenge for the health industry. An industry exchange powered by isolated processing offers to solve this problem. Particularly for healthcare research.

Owners can control who accesses and uses their insights and InfoSum is able to show where the highest customer group overlaps can be found. This alone may point to trends and influences.