Enabling audiences to be discovered across various trusted media partners to achieve insights, planning and activation in a cookieless world.

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Instant discovery

Instant discovery

Instantly analyse the intersection between first-party customer data and publisher audience data to determine the greatest audience affinity.

PII connectivity

PII connectivity

Using our privacy-safe and commercially trusted PII connectivity, power targeted and personalised marketing in a cookieless world.

Transparent relationships

Transparent relationships

By enabling direct analysis of first-party to first-party data, build transparent relationships that drive effective media planning and activation.

Case Study


A luxury brand planned to launch an advertising campaign targeting lapsed customers. Using CRM data, they need to identify the optimum online publisher or group of publishers to activate through.

There are a number of challenges preventing this project moving forward:

  • A lack of trust prevents either party sharing data with each other.
  • Data privacy and compliance demands mean a data processing agreement is needed and data transfer is an arduous process.
  • Matching identities requires a common ID or data to be sent to a third-party to match.
Download our case study to find out how Discovery provided a first-party solution that promoted trust and retained data privacy..

What is your Discovery role?

Through Discovery, instantly analyse your audience affinity with multiple publishers for activation, or identify second-party data sources that can be used to enrich your customer knowledge, all without having to share your first-party data.

Enable brands to analyse the intersection between their first-party data and your rich audience data to measure audience affinity and build audience segments for activation. This transparent approach builds trusted and lucrative media relationships between publishers and brands.

With Discovery, make your valuable data available for parties to discover, without losing control or risking commercial value. Brands and publishers can identify second-party data sources that contain specific data attributes to enrich their customer knowledge.

Benefits of the InfoSum Solution

Privacy-Safe Analysis

Privacy-Safe Analysis

Aggregate level results and differential privacy features prevent any single individual being identified within a dataset.



Federated Architecture and Insights Engine overcomes trust barriers by removing the need to share and centralise data.

Simple Data Processing

Simple Data Processing

AI-powered normalisation and mapping removes the need for a complex and expensive ETL projects.

Complete Control


Each party retains complete control over their data through decentralisation and rich permission controls.