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Enabling brands to combine insights fragmented across business functions, enhanced with those of strategic partners, while maintaining data privacy.


This reimagined approach transforms the way brands understand their customers, empowering them with previously inaccessible insights to drive marketing decision making.

By removing privacy and trust barriers, brands are able to safely connect and collaborate with strategic partners to deliver targeted and personalized advertising.


Unlock new knowledge about your customers that was previously unavailable due to data silos.


Connect with publishers to create precise audience segments to utilize for targeted messaging.


Build strategic and long-lasting relationships with publishers that drive advertising spend.


Combine insights from data sources, without any party losing control of their data.

Building an interconnected data ecosystem

InfoSum’s technology is changing the way publishers understand their customers. For the first time, publishers can make their audience segments available to advertisers.

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Online Publisher
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Online Behavioural
Point of Sale

Combined Customer View

Create an omnichannel understanding of your customers in a matter of minutes, by connecting internal data silos in a privacy safe environment.

Bring Your Own Data

Safely utilize both customer and publisher audience data to create targeted advertising that improves engagement and increases ROI, without sharing data.

Bridge Data Sources

Activate customer data across traditionally incompatible platforms and create a multi-channel understanding of customers, to enable targeting across a number of verticals.

Tactical Data Consortium

On a project-by-project basis, create a multi-party understanding of customers, that can be used to identify an extended audience for targeted advertising.

Augmented Insights

Validate or enrich your customer understanding by safely connecting customer data to audience and third-party data source, without moving or transferring data.

Strategic Data Consortium

Combine insights across multiple brands, without compromising on trust or privacy, to achieve an unrivalled level of consumer understanding and targeting.

Unlock your customer data today

Unlike traditional data management platforms, InfoSum’s technology is quick and easy to get started with. Data can be mapped, normalized, analyzed and ready for activation in minutes, not days.

Easy sign-up

Contact InfoSum and a Platform account will be created for you. Easy-to-follow documentation can be accessed through our Knowledge Base.

Secure data importing

InfoSum’s privacy-by-design approach to data importing ensures no raw data is ever compromised.

A dataset can be uploaded through various connectors to its own dedicated Bunker. Only this user - not even InfoSum - can access this Bunker.

Simple data standardization

InfoSum simplifies and speeds up the process of aligning and normalizing data, reducing the time and friction this process often creates.

Each dataset is mapped to our Global Schema, an important step in enabling multiple datasets to be analyzed, without adapting the source data.

Permissions-based access

Permissions based controls ensure you remain in complete control of who can access the insights within your data, and what level of analysis they can run.

Depending on your goals, grant your collaborators with access to run analysis against your data to unlock customer knowledge and identify criteria for segment creation.

Privacy-safe activation

Once an audience has been defined, these individuals can be matched through the mathematical model to an Identity Bunker.

Identity Bunkers are designed to safely hold PII data that can be used for matching audience segments within an Insight Bunkers, for activation.

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