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Achieve a unified customer view through privacy-safe data connections to trusted strategic partners. Create a seamless customer experience by delivering one-to-one marketing.


Understand your customers

Enhance your customer knowledge with third-party data, such as demographic, panel or point-of-sale. Our technology enables this enrichment to take place without the need to either share or pool data with a third-party.

Use this information to provide your customers with an intuitive customer experience that serves relevant content.

Measure marketing effectiveness

Increase visibility across the adtech ecosystem to understand the impact of marketing campaigns, and use those insights to optimize future performance.

This joined-up approach will ensure ROI is accurately and transparently measured, and marketing spend is maximised.

Break down data silos

Over two-thirds of brands believe their marketing is hampered by internal data silos. Our decentralized technology overcomes this without the expense of a company-wide integration project or centralized IDs.

This improves transparency and unlocks customer data scattered across your organization to create a complete understanding of your audience.

Improve media partnerships

Create more strategic, transparent and productive relationships with your media agencies and partners by granting them access to safely analyze anonymized versions of your customer data.

Enabling optimized campaign planning and media buying. Through an informed understanding of your existing customers, build accurate lookalike models.

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