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Collaborate with your clients to better understand their target audience through our privacy-by-design technology that enables the safe sharing of knowledge between client and agency.


Enhanced customer segmentation

With a direct understanding of your client's customers, create informed and accurate audience segments utilizing any complimentary second and third-party datasets.

This approach ensures that media decisions are being made with a real, not researched, understanding of the target audience.

Demonstrate business impact

Directly connect brand and publisher customer datasets, with no sharing or pooling of data, to make the attribution of buyer behaviour to marketing and advertising activity, seamless.

This ensures you’re able to accurately and transparently measure the effectiveness of campaigns to demonstrate business impact.

Trusted client relationships

Brands are often reluctant to share their customer data. Our technology creates a trusted environment for your clients to grant you access to analyze anonymized versions of their customer data on an individual level.

This removes the technical and commercial barriers related to data sharing to unleash the talents of your data analysts.

Optimized audience selection

Select, suppress or find lookalikes of your client's actual customers by comparing the enriched customer segments to the publisher's audience data.

This direct analysis helps to optimize targeting and media placement to maximize impressions and achieve high-level of ad engagement.

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