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Data Onboarding

Privacy safe mapping of offline to online data through LiveRamp, requiring no transfer of data.

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InfoSum’s Data Onboarding is the only way to utilize LiveRamp’s market-leading identity graph, without having to transfer raw data. InfoSum’s privacy-safe Identity Bunker solution means LiveRamp’s IdentityLink™ data can be appended without any movement of data between you, InfoSum or LiveRamp.

This cutting-edge approach is breaking down trust barriers to unlock data silos and enable you to take your offline data sources, such as CRM or subscription data, online. Use this new joined-up understanding to create more targeted and relevant advertising to increase campaign engagement and improve ROI on marketing spend.

Key Benefits

Commercial Trust

Our unique approach means data is never moved or shared, ensuring data ownership and control is never compromised

True Privacy

The only DMP that delivers true data privacy for your company and customers through our decentralized technology.

Complete View

Combine online and offline identity data to achieve an omnichannel customer understanding.

Data Portability

All datasets are mapped to a single global schema, ensuring data can be easily onboarded and exported where required.

Faster Onboarding

We have the world's only ETL process specifically designed for onboarding CRM data, delivering same-day analysis.

No Legal Paperwork

When used for research, our decentralized approach means there is no requirement for additional legal agreements.

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