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Collect, analyze and activate your customer data to achieve more targeted marketing.

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InfoSum’s decentralized data management platform (DMP) enables you to safely connect customer insights from any first-party data source, such as your websites, apps, social, email, CRM, search, campaign data, and more. Our industry-leading identity resolution approach means an omnichannel view of your customers is at your fingertips.

Built-in analytics tools enable you to discover new insights about your customers, that would have been previously only possible via an expensive and risky data pooling exercise. Use this increased customer understanding to create audience segments based on any demographic or attribute information held in the data sources.

Key Benefits

Privacy-safe for PII

The only DMP able to handle both PII and non-PII customer data to deliver privacy-safe one-to-one targeting.

Commercial Trust

Always ensuring data ownership is unchanged, and appropriate privacy and security protocols retained.

Unify Data

Our AI-powered mapping and normalization process is instantaneous, creating actionable insights in minutes.

Bridge Identities

Unite identities across multiple data sources to achieve an omnichannel customer understanding.

Analyze Results

The only DMP that retains the ability to run analytics based upon segmentation choices, post-activation.

Trusted Enrichment

Safely utilize second and third-party data to enhance your customer insight, without transferring data.

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