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Customer Overlap

Connect fragmented and disparate CRM data to analyze the overlap between customer bases.

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Analyze the intersection between two or more datasets through our Customer Overlap product to determine key audience insights. Whether you’re looking to measure the potential synergy between customer bases, or determining the incrementality of a marketing campaign, understanding the number of common identities between datasets is a vital piece of intelligence.

This is particularly powerful for umbrella corporations with a large number of brands, where they are currently unable to achieve an understanding of their combined audience base. Additional use cases include private equity firms running analysis of their portfolio to determine synergy between business, and where multiple parties are exploring cross-promotional opportunities.

Key Benefits

Commercial Trust

Overcome trust barriers by ensuring data ownership is unchanged, and appropriate privacy and security protocols retained.

Simple Implementation

Our decentralized approach requires no changes to internal data infrastructure to deliver detailed analysis.

Instant Insights

Unlock data insights in seconds by analyzing the synergy between datasets, including common data categories.

Optimized Matching

Identities are matched using your own unique identifiers, meaning there no requirement to utilize a third-party.

Privacy Safe

The only privacy safe approach to handling both PII and non-PII data to create a complete customer view.

Faster ETL

The worlds only ETL process specifically designed for onboarding CRM data; that can deliver same-day insights.

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