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Combine insights across multiple organizations to achieve more effective research data

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Our CRM Partnerships product is changing the way businesses generate research panels. Through our unique decentralized technology and optimized identity resolution approach, customer insights can be combined across multiple parties, without having to move or pool the raw data.

This privacy-safe approach overcomes the usual trust barriers that would restrict a publishers willingness to share data and allows them to combine insights with strategic partners and create accurate audience profiling for media planning and buying.

Key Benefits

Commercial Trust

Always ensuring data ownership is unchanged, and appropriate privacy and security protocols retained.

Bridge Identities

Unite identities across multiple data sources to achieve an omnichannel customer understanding.

Audience Extension

Increase audience understanding by safely connecting second-party data in a decentralized infrastructure.

Complete Transparency

Ensure you always know the source of the data you’re using to inform media planning and buying.

No Legal Paperwork

When used for research, our decentralized approach means there is no requirement for additional legal agreements.

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