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Connect any number of CRM data silos across your business for customer analysis and research.

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CRM Insights breaks down data silos through a decentralized approach that provides the most privacy-safe way to connect insights across any number of datasets. Our technology requires no change to internal infrastructure, and no movement of raw data; overcoming common trust, security and data governance restrictions.

Removing the need for a complex ETL project, data is quickly mapped and normalized to our global schema, and identities matched across the datasets to create a single customer view. Our API makes it easy to plug these insights directly into your existing BI or data visualization software, for detailed analysis.

Key Benefits

Data Connectivity

The most efficient and privacy-safe way of connecting data silos, requiring no change to internal data systems.

Overcome Barriers

Non-movement of data and privacy-by-design technology solves common security, trust, and governance restrictions.

Simple ETL

Removes the need for a complex ETL project through an AI-powered mapping and normalization process.

Optimized Matching

Identities are matched using your own unique identifiers, meaning there is no need to pass data to a third-party.

Easy Integration

Our industry standard API makes it quick and easy to integrate these insights directly into your existing BI software.

Data Democratization

Enable customer-driven decision making across your entire business with no barriers to access or understanding.

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