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Use first-party data like never before to unlock customer insights hidden within your data silos.

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Bring Your Own Data helps you utilize your most valuable data asset, first-party data. Centralizing this data is expensive, arduous and risky; InfoSum’s decentralized technology solves these hurdles by eliminating the need to move or change the source data. Instead, the insights held within all the various data silos can be unified through our groundbreaking identity resolution technology.

With more and more channels opening up for marketers, being able to offer a personalized customer experience is vital to a brands success. This can only be achieved by creating a complete understanding of your customers, held in your first-party data.

Key Benefits

Consumer Trust

Promote trust with your customers by not using third-party data


Uncover customer insights to drive accurate segmentation that enables highly personalized campaigns.

Data Connectivity

The most efficient and privacy-safe way of connecting data silos, requiring no change to internal data systems.

Easy Integration

Our industry standard API makes it quick and easy to integrate these insights directly into your existing BI software.

Optimized Matching

Identities are matched using your own unique identifiers, meaning there is no need to pass data to a third-party.

Overcome Barriers

Non-movement of data and privacy-by-design technology solves common security, trust, and governance restrictions

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