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Distributed Queries

Rather than pooling data in a single location, the query moves between the distributed datasets and returns an aggregated answer.

How privacy is preserved

InfoSum employs a number of differential privacy concepts to protect from individuals being identified. This technique removes the identifiable outliers from datasets without changing the aggregate meaning of that data.

Rounding - obscures the source data by rounding the result up or down.
Noise - adds a small amount of deterministic fuzziness to protect individual privacy.
Redaction thresholds - data owner defines the minimum bucket size returned in the query.
Rate limits - prevents over collection of data and over use of the platform.

Query engine

Delve into your insights using our Insight Query Language (IQL). Based loosely on SQL, IQL is an intuitive language designed to let you ask the question you’d like about your data.

Our query engine can be accessed through our Platform, or connectors into common Business Intelligence tools and reporting processes, such as Tableau and Google Data Studio.

API access

The Platform API is a programmatic interface to integrate InfoSum into a larger solution. It's a RESTful interface which you can access using most scripting and programming languages.

Our API is perfect for when you want to query your datasets directly from your preferred visualization tool, or if you want to integrate InfoSum’s unique capabilities into your own product.

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