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InfoSum's technology provides a privacy-safe way to connect and compare multiple datasets.

How do we connect datasets?

InfoSum provides privacy-safe onboarding of structured data. Each dataset is ingested to a private virtual server, called a Bunker, and remains in control of the data owner. Nobody else, not even InfoSum, can see the data.

The data is then adapted to our Global Schema, converted to a mathematical representation and the original data deleted. Multiple Bunkers can then be connected and queried together, without compromising data privacy, query accuracy or identity resolution.

What is a Bunker?

How are queries run?

Queries can be run across any number of Bunkers that you have permission to analyze. But rather than requiring the datasets to be merged, the query moves between the distributed datasets and returns an aggregated answer.

InfoSum’s approach to distributed querying has the following benefits:

Audiences can be safely held in the model due to our hashing and encryption techniques.
The mathematical model representing an audience is only created at the point each query is run.
The model cannot be reversed, and only confirms if it contains a particular audience, not a single individual.
The full query is never exposed to any one user, ensuring that no single party can learn how the particular audience was found.
Distributed Queries

Flexible data ingestion and cleansing

InfoSum Platform includes a data normalization engine, so datasets with different schemas can be easily compared.

Data Ingestion

Privacy-safe identity matching

Our flexible matching protocols help you bring together identities across multiple channels, including offline data.

Identity Resolution
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