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Mergers & Acquisitions: How InfoSum enables pre-deal data analysis

Mergers & Acquisitions: How InfoSum enables pre-deal data analysis
Mergers & Acquisitions: How InfoSum enables pre-deal data analysis
August 15, 2018
Nick Halstead

Too often, critical M&A decisions are made using secondary research or sample data sources, which can provide an unreliable analysis of the potential synergy between the two customer bases.

When entering into negotiations, both parties in an M&A deal should be able to analyse and evaluate what additional value would be achieved through the merger or acquisition, without sharing or pooling their data assets.

Synergy, InfoSum’s new M&A focused solution enables the pre-deal analysis of real customer data, without sharing or pooling it.

Built on our core Quantum technology, it enables both parties to get a real view of the overlap in their customer bases, earlier in the process than ever before.

How it works

Quantum connects and analyses the spatially separated and disparate datasets without any exchange of raw data occurring, in a trusted software environment.

Each party uploads their data to a secure and isolated server, where it is normalised, encrypted and the personal identifiers removed.

During the normalisation phase, Quantum adapts each party’s data into the same format, so they can be compared and analysed together.

Identities are also matched at an individual level and the results are collated at an aggregate level — without bringing the datasets together.

This process creates the optimal match of unique identities and attributes allowing the datasets to be statistically compared, and insight unlocked.

The benefits

Both parties in an M&A deal are able to quickly and easily identify the overlap in their two customer bases earlier in the process; enabling them to make informed business decisions around the value of the acquisition or merger.

Synergy can also be used during the latter integration phase, to run reports across the datasets prior to full integration, or to unlock the knowledge where data is to remain siloed.

Gaining this early intelligence will allow businesses to move forward in a deal with a genuine understanding of not only business capabilities unlocked through the merger or acquisition, but also the new customer base they will be servicing.

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