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March 16, 2017
Ellen Children

As any baking expert knows, a prize winning cake is made entirely from scratch.  Die hard followers of the Great British Bake Off will remember the Mary death stare received by 2015 contestant, Enwezor, when he admitted to using, horror of bought fondant icing.

If, like us, you are building a data related product, or work in the data science or analytics world, and you need fake, but realistic data to populate and test your product, there is no option but to generate your own, which, much like Enwezor making fondant icing, is time-consuming and tricky.

As we needed a lot of this vital ingredient, we decided to solve this technical challenge once and for all by cooking up our very own show-stopper, which we’ve named DataBake, and today we’re giving everyone a slice - for free.

DataBake is the only service which will allow you to generate real-world datasets that meet the criteria that you define.  At its most basic, users can create simple distributions for things like age, weight, height in a few simple clicks.  If you want to get more advanced, you can start to create relationships between the data. For example, if you assume that males are heavier than females you can introduce that bias. DataBake has highly complex systems to resolve multi-dimensional interactions between the different insights that you can define.

Please check out DataBake and tell us what you think. Right now, DataBake is absolutely free to use, but we will charge a modest fee for downloading large datasets. For now, you can download up to 10,000 rows without charge.

But while you do that, we’ve got cake to eat :-)

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