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InfoSum’s founder, Nick Halstead, named in Data IQ 100

InfoSum’s founder, Nick Halstead, named in Data IQ 100
InfoSum’s founder, Nick Halstead, named in Data IQ 100
March 8, 2019
Ben Cicchetti

InfoSum’s founder and CEO Nick Halstead has debuted on the Data IQ 100 list for 2019. Nick placed alongside other influential data leaders behind many of the most effective data-driven organisations in the UK.

Nick pointed to his early inspiration for founding InfoSum, “I knew there was huge potential for a new technology that makes customer data accessible in a privacy-safe way. At InfoSum, we’ve spent two years building our decentralised platform and are now helping global organisations to perform analytics on customer data while keeping it secure and private.

With this mission in mind, Nick went on to raise $8 million in seed funding and began growing a team, “I started InfoSum with the aim of it being a technology-led company to attract the top talent in the developer market and to allow them to experiment and build great products. We have maintained a flat structure without the need for layers of management. This is reinforced by an inclusive social culture in the office, which sees the team gather together every day for lunch (provided by the company) and play board and card games together.

After a couple of years of development, Nick has been interested to see the attention data privacy has gained following some high profile stories of data breaches and misuse, “I didn’t expect to see such a strong outcry from the public around the way Facebook was handling customer data. It’s been really refreshing to see privacy at the forefront of discussion, and for seemingly untouchable companies be called out for their shady uses of data.

As for what the future might hold, “I feel optimistic about a new area of technology that enables data analytics in an ethical and privacy-safe way. Consumers have realised how valuable their personal data is, so the companies that adopt these technologies will have a competitive advantage and continue to build trust with their customers.

Read the full Data IQ 100 listing here.

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