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InfoSum launch new M&A focused solution, Synergy

InfoSum launch new M&A focused solution, Synergy
InfoSum launch new M&A focused solution, Synergy
June 7, 2018

Determining the strategic fit of two company’s customer bases in an M&A environment, just got faster and more affordable with the launch of InfoSum’s new solution, Synergy.

M&A is often driven by the desire to provide new products or services to existing customers or conversely to expand audiences for existing products. But given the value of customer data during these sensitive transactions, neither buyer or seller is willing to share data pre-close. And even where they are, data is rarely stored in compatible formats. Therefore there is often an over-reliance on sample or unreliable secondary data.

Synergy solves this by enabling the analysis of real data, without moving or pooling it. Each party uploads their data to a secure and isolated server, where it is encrypted and personal identifiers removed. This process creates the optimal match of unique identities and attributes allowing the datasets to be statistically compared, and insights unlocked.

Using Synergy, both parties in an M&A deal are able to quickly and easily identify the overlap in their two customer bases earlier in the process; enabling them to make informed business decisions around the value of the acquisition or merger.

Nick Halstead, CEO and founder, InfoSum commented “Too often, critical M&A decisions are being made using secondary data sources, which can provide an unreliable analysis of the potential synergy between two customer bases. The solution to this is clear; two parties in an M&A deal should be able to run an analysis across their actual customer datasets, without having to share or pool the data.

Our new M&A focused solution, Synergy, enables both parties to get a real view of the overlap in their customer bases, earlier in the process than ever before. This early intelligence will allow businesses to move forward in a deal with a genuine understanding of not only business capabilities unlocked through the merger or acquisition, but also the new customer base they will be servicing.”

Get in touch to explore the advantages of using Synergy to determine the strategic fit of two customer bases in an M&A process, without sharing data.

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