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We believe that privacy must be prioritized, that processes should be automated and that information should not be siloed. Our REST API is built for scale, designed for trust, and tested for high availability.

Whether you want to connect your insights to BI tools, integrate into your existing stack or build something from scratch - with InfoSum, you can focus on building what really matters - your product.

Product integration

We provide a ready and secure way of allowing your clients to collaborate with data in your existing product. Integrating our product gives your client the safety and security of the InfoSum Platform, with the great benefits your product already delivers.

Supporting you all the way

Our developer team is ready to support you every step of the way. Our growing documentation library provides you with everything you need to get started and our developer community can help you with best practice and realizing your ideas.

Privacy-by-design technology

Our API is built to eliminate the commercial, security and privacy concerns relating to data sharing. This allows you to focus on building innovative and secure products, underpinned with a trusted data onboarding and identity resolution platform.

Fast data onboarding

Load a dataset to an isolated server, a bunker, where it is normalized and transformed into a global schema. Raw data never leaves the bunker.

Identity-based matching

Interrogate any number of isolated bunkers, at which point identities are mapped via one or more identifiers.

Decentralized data

Gain the same output as integrating the datasets together, without the trust, privacy and implementation barriers.

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