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Connect with InfoSum at DMEXCO 2019

Make the first connection needed to start building a  world of interconnected customer data that unlocks a new unified customer view to power data-driven marketing campaigns.

Stu and Modha will all be in attendance, so get in touch with them directly via email or WhatsApp to arrange a good time to chat.

Nick Halstead

FOunder & CEO

Stu Colman

VP of Sales

Sunil Modha


Solving the complexity of today’s fragmented ecosystem

InfoSum’s pioneering use of federated architecture, and unique approach to identity resolution and data privacy provides a solution that enables first-party connectivity and solves the complexity of today’s ecosystem - InfoSum’s Unified Data Platform (UDP).

InfoSum’s UDP has been built to enable multiple first and second-party data sources to be connected for analysis and activation, without centralizing or sharing data.