Data Discovery

Power first-party to first-party discovery for media insights, planning and activation in a cookieless world.


Run your own custom audiences programme and make your valuable first-party audiences available to brands to help them reach their own audiences. Power targeted and personalised marketing with privacy-safe and commercially trusted PII connectivity.

Brands are able to instantly analyse the intersection between their first-party customer data and the publishers audience data to determine the best publisher fit for their goals. This transparent approach builds trusted and lucrative media relationships between publishers and brands.

Take advantage of data discovery with InfoSum

Provide brands with a premium solution that enables them to utilise their rich customer data in their media planning process.
Use PII to PII in a commercially trusted, privacy safe way, allowing you to monetise your valuable insights in a cookieless world.
Non-movement of data and industry leading privacy controls, ensure there is no commercial, security or privacy risk to either party.
Be discoverable for new brand relationships and monetisation opportunities by demonstrating the value of your audience both in quality and in reach.
Enable brands and agencies to discover audience affinity and connectivity to drive great adoption of PMPs on your web properties.
Build a flexible walled garden where brands can utilise your rich customer data for planning and activation, without moving or sharing data.
Ensure complete visibility for brands to discover propensity of their high-value audience’s intersection with your sites to drive OMP optimisation strategies.
Not limited to online data, your offline CRM data can be used included, and ultimately monetised, for analysis, planning and segmentation.

Ready to increase the discoverability of your audience data?

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