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Fast and affordable data collaboration

InfoSum Link enables you to connect two isolated datasets and evaluate the combined knowledge. Gain joint insights in minutes, not months, from as little as £50. 


Host your dataset on its own dedicated AWS server. Datasets are uploaded quickly and easily with most formats supported. Only you can access the raw data.


Our system understands multiple data representations and maps data types into predetermined categories in our global schema. There is no need to upload in a set format.

Match & Discover

Personal information is matched and the overlap between datasets shown immediately. Reports can be selected or created to explore specific areas of joint knowledge.

Try InfoSum Link today - with prices starting from £50

The InfoSum Advantage


Logical interface simplifies data cleansing, normalisation and analysis.


Data from each customer is decentralised, anonymised and held in isolated AWS containers.


Identities are automatically mapped across different schemas. Reports are produced in minutes.


Anonymous data and aggregated results meet GDPR consent and legitimate use requirements.