The InfoSum approach is simple:

We NEVER move data!

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Our Unified Data Platform changes the way the industry thinks about data. Our technology removes trust barriers and reduces the compliance burden that have made data collaboration impossible. By removing the need to share, move or centralise data, we overcome four common barriers to data collaboration.


Traditionally, data collaboration has required data owners to share or centralise their data. This movement of data requires parties to trust each other with their data - a trust that rarely exists.

Our Unified Data Platform utilises a federated architecture and Insight Engine which means every dataset remains isolated and secure, and a virtual database is built that enables each to be analysed as one.

This non-movement of data removes the need for businesses to trust each other, as they are never transferring data to each other - unlocking the true potential of data collaboration.


Data leaks, hacks and abuse of personal data have resulted in a need for a much more ethical approach to handling data.

Our UDP utilises various privacy controls, including differential privacy concepts, and limits analysis to statistical results. These steps ensure no individual can ever be identified and limits the transfer of customer knowledge

Our UDP delivers powerful and rich insights whilst guaranteeing the highest levels of data privacy.


The tech-giants dominate the advertising industry by building walled gardens that house vast identity data that allow them to target an individual on any device or channel. 

Managing identities across data sources and businesses has traditionally required the data to be sent to a third-party to append a ‘universal ID’. Our identity resolution approach requires no transfer of data. Instead, our technology matches individuals across data sources using the unique identifiers in the data itself. Second-party data sources and identity graphs can be used to enrich this match rate, without transferring data. 

Our UDP empowers every business to build their own walled garden and deliver targeted and personalised marketing.


As martech and adtech stacks have exploded in quantity, so has the formats and taxonomies of data. The disparate nature of these various data sources has created a significant hurdle to collaborating across datasets.

Our UDP utilises an AI-powered normalisation process that takes the various attribute data in your dataset and maps it to our extensive global schema. For example, mapping the various representations of age to several commonly used age brackets.

This normalisation ensures analysis can be seamlessly conducted across multiple data sources, without expensive and complex ETL processes.